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Primary Care

Daily Apple Clinic

Adult Care, Primary Care, & Family Nurse Practitioners located in Congress Park, Denver, CO

One of the best ways to maintain your health and reduce the risk of illness and disease is to see a primary care provider on a regular basis. A primary care provider is essential in helping you maintain good health, prevent disease by identifying risk factors, and manage chronic disease in order to increase longevity and improve your quality of life.


Daily Apple Clinic is located in Congress Park in Denver, Colorado. Paul Reynolds, FNP and Monica Schonteich, FNP and all of the skilled providers there are ready and able to care for your needs. Our clinic generally specializes in primary care services for adults and kids ages 12 and older. Please call the office to schedule an appointment or book one online today.

Primary Care Q & A

What is Primary Care?

Primary care is healthcare at a general rather than specialized level, often for people making an initial approach to a doctor or nurse for treatment. It is a branch of medicine focused on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of common chronic (ongoing) and acute conditions.

Why might I need primary care?

Primary care providers manage day-to-day health needs. Establishing a long-term relationship with a primary care provider (PCP) keeps you healthier and lowers medical costs. A PCP can teach you ways to stay healthy, treat you when you're sick and help you get more advanced care when you need it.


You might need primary care if you’re at risk of, or currently need help with, some of the following conditions:

  • High blood pressure

  • High cholesterol

  • Diabetes

  • Heart disease

  • Thyroid disorders

  • Asthma or allergies

  • Injuries

  • Illnesses

  • Arthritis

  • Obesity

  • Chronic pain

  • Erectile dysfunction (ED)

  • Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)

  • Skin problems such as warts, moles, rashes, or skin tags

In addition to primary care, Daily Apple Clinic offers a comprehensive list of specialized services and procedures. These might include dermatology services (cryogenic treatment, wart and skin tag removal, mole excision, biopsies, Botox, etc.), laceration repair with sutures or glue, wound care, urgent care needs, women's health procedures and testing, assistance with mental health and referrals to other specialists as needed. We provide vaccinations, medications, prescriptions, and more.

What happens during primary care visits?

When you arrive at Daily Apple Clinic for primary care appointments, you will be greeted by compassionate staff members who listen and are interested in how they can best take care of you. When testing is necessary, Daily Apple Clinic offers on-site, point-of-care testing which provide immediate results and so we can offer symptom relief as quickly as possible. Examples include: pregnancy tests, strep throat testing, mononucleosis testing, influenza testing, fecal occult blood tests, COVID testing, urinalysis, drug screening, spirometry, etc. Daily Apple Clinic also partners with both Quest and LabCorp. Those lab facilities are nearby, and there’s a pharmacy across the street for added convenience. The clinic also partners with many nearby hospitals and facilities for imaging and referrals. We offer many in-office procedures as noted above and fill medications via e-prescription. A clinical evaluation may include the following:

  • Vital signs check: Your provider assesses your weight, body mass index (BMI), pulse, blood pressure, and temperature during the vital signs check portion of your appointment.

  • Medical history review and physical: Your provider reviews your symptoms and medical history and completes a physical examination to assess your throat, breathing, heartbeat, abdomen, skin, reflexes, etc. In addition, your provider may perform breast and pelvic exams or a Pap test to screen for signs of cervical cancer in women or conduct a prostate exam for men.

  • Diagnosing testing: If you have an illness, disease risk factors or show signs of a medical problem, your Daily Apple Clinic provider may recommend diagnostic testing. Examples include nasal or throat swabs, STD testing, blood tests, urine tests, asthma or allergy tests, pregnancy testing, X-rays, ultrasounds, or other imaging procedures.

  • Treatment: Primary care treatments typically include lifestyle changes (weight loss, healthy eating, regular exercise, etc.) but may also include home remedies, dermatology treatments, medications, injections, or injury care. Your provider may refer you for further diagnostic testing or specialty care for complex medical problems.

When should I schedule primary care appointments?

Of course, every individual is different, so the following guidelines are not set in stone. In general for both men and women, if you are in basically good health and under the age of 50, it is recommended you see your PCP every three years for a checkup. After age 50, see your doctor once a year. Then, visit us as needed for acute illnesses, chronic health issues or follow-up visits. You are usually able to book a same-day appointment if you or your family and friends experience new or unusual symptoms or have concerns about your health and wellness.

To schedule a primary care appointment with the Daily Apple Clinic, please call the office or book a consultation online today.

Services we offer:

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