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A Note from Paul: My Purpose 


After reading about the Daily Apple Clinic (DAC) Mission, you may be wondering what I believe my own purpose to be. If you are curious, here it is…


As a Christian, I believe all purposes are tied to God and his intentions, so I try to seek him as I participate in his expanding creation. I choose to follow Christ and be grafted into his purposes. You might say I try to “be well in the Creator” as I allow my faith to inform my purpose and be the basis for all I do.


If you are familiar with Christianity, you then know that all are welcome at Daily Apple Clinics. I see every person as both beautiful and imperfect. And, as a less-than-perfect person myself, it only makes sense to me to embrace our differences, our frailties, and our shortcomings with all the joy and humility I can muster.


In pursuit of my own best purposes, I’m grateful to be able to help you with your health and healing. I try diligently to ensure our clinics are centers of mercy and spiritual refreshment as well as facilities to promote wellness, prevent illness, cure disease and help mend broken bodies however we are able. My goal and desire is simply to care for you in love.


When you are well and have confirmed your own best purposes, I hope you will go out and do good and right things everywhere you are, with each person you meet, and with real joy. Helping you make steady progress while keeping your balance is the goal. As you live your best possible life and as your purposes are fulfilled, mine will be, as well.


Take good care.

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