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Joy and Purpose

For Us… It’s About You


Our primary goal is to help you do two things: experience daily joy and live out your best purposes.


If you cannot discover - or you lose - your joy and sense of purpose, you will be anxious, worried, and stressed. When you are under stress, you cannot sleep, rest, heal and grow. Without proper rest, you cannot feel refreshed and ready for new mental and physical activities. Lacking exercise and purposeful activities, you will not eat and drink properly, and your body cannot function as designed.

Confetti Storm

We see all people as whole and valuable. We believe our most important job as health practitioners is to help you find your joy and purpose in order to help you optimize your lifelong potential. Maintaining your physical and mental health is obviously necessary but is secondary to this overarching goal. So, please breathe deep and relax… if you don’t seem to be functioning properly, we will do our best to help get you through the inevitable ailments along the way and back to your life’s true priorities.


How Can You Find Your Joy?


Believe it or not… finding happiness is an incredibly important part of your journey. When you are happy, you are most likely in the place that is best for you, with the people that are best for you, and doing the things that are best for you. And, although every journey is different, we employ a very effective system for helping you find your joy.


What we do: We evaluate your circumstances using a set of criteria designed to measure the things that make folks happy, and we work together with you to help you optimize your situation. We help you make wise and healthy choices, so you will build a foundation of healthy actions, learn to see the world in a more positive light, and allow your joy to steadily increase. Using new tools, you will create a life where you choose to relish each day and increase your contentment in the moment.


Remember, though, that experiencing happiness is a lifelong process - you must both choose to do it and practice it every day. It requires consistent effort as you change for the better. Moving forward, you will discover that your attitude and focus truly do matter. Looking back, you will discover that living a joyful life was always up to you.


How Do We Find Our Purposes?


Don’t be fooled. Life is a gift. It begins at conception, and it continues to unfold and reveal itself until we die. Love is a gift. It forms every good thing, and we would not exist without it. While we are on this earth, we are able to find purpose - and experience joy - as we give back the gifts that we have been given. We can do this by loving one another, helping one another, and seeking to understand one another.


Start by trying this: Think back over your life and, without comparing yourself to others, answer these six questions:


  • Where do I find deep contentment?

  • How do I feel the most alive?

  • When do I experience tremendous joy?

  • When do I feel most appreciated or valued?

  • What necessary things do I do for others that I am good at and have a passion for?

  • What specific activities am I engaged in when I experience 'flow state'?


Write your answers down. They may overlap or consist of more than one idea or area.


As you answer these questions and assemble the results, you will not only gain insight into what your gifts are, but you will have a new sense of how to share them with others. A picture will form of the person you are and the person want to be. With this simple exercise, you will begin to discover your reason for being and your own, personal ‘why’.

An Analogy


Picture this... a house that sits on a solid foundation with four strong pillars at the corners of that foundation. The pillars hold up a roof that supports a flag pole and a flag flying in the wind. Around the house is the neighborhood and natural environment where the house is planted. Beyond the neighborhood is the world in which the house lives. That house... is you.


To explain the metaphor: The roof is your joy faithfully protecting you from the elements, and the flag on the flagpole, standing tall above the roof, is your sense of purpose waving in the breeze. The key is to realize that the roof and the flag drive all healthy behaviors. You will not want to strengthen your pillars without your joy and purpose being well-established in your heart and mind. You won't think you have a reason to stay healthy unless you are pursuing your life goals. You must be doing the thing(s) you were meant to do with deep joy. That means smiling, laughing, and chuckling as often as possible as you do the thing(s) you love. 

Next Steps


After you've tried the exercise above, check out The Four Pillars and Lifestyle and Environment pages to see how the complete picture fits together.

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