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If you struggle with stiff, achy, swollen joints because of arthritis, you don’t have to live in pain. At Daily Apple Clinic in Congress Park of Denver, Colorado, Paul Reynolds, FNP, Monica Schonteich, FNP, and their highly trained team diagnose and treat arthritis to reduce pain, decrease inflammation, and give you a better quality of life. Call the office to schedule an arthritis care appointment or book one online today.

Arthritis Care Q & A

What is arthritis care?

Arthritis care includes managing arthritis, a chronic disease that causes achy, sore, swollen joints. The Daily Apple Clinic team can diagnose the root cause of your discomfort and treat the following types of pain:

  • Knee pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Hip pain
  • Back pain
  • Hand pain
  • Wrist pain
  • Foot pain
  • Leg pain
  • Other joint pain

If you have arthritis, arthritis care with Daily Apple Clinic is one of the best ways to reduce swelling, stiffness, and discomfort.

What are the symptoms of arthritis?

Common symptoms you may experience with arthritis include:

  • Joint pain
  • Stiffness
  • Swelling
  • Decreased range of motion
  • Reduced mobility
  • Redness
  • Warmth
  • Joint disfigurement 

At the first sign of arthritis, or if you’ve been diagnosed with arthritis and desire relief, see the Daily Apple Clinic team for an evaluation.

What are the risk factors for arthritis?

Arthritis often results from genetic factors, so your risk of developing it increases if you have a family history of arthritis. Other risk factors include older age, obesity, and previous joint injuries. Ways to reduce your chance of having arthritis include getting regular exercise, eating healthy foods, and maintaining a healthy weight. 

How does my doctor diagnose arthritis?

To diagnose arthritis and develop an effective treatment, your Daily Apple Clinic provider reviews your symptoms and medical history and examines your joints and range of motion. 

Your primary care specialist may recommend urine tests, blood tests, joint fluid testing, X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, or ultrasounds.

What does arthritis care consist of?

Common arthritis treatments include:

Home remedies

Home treatments that can reduce arthritis pain include regular exercise, heat packs, cold packs, shoe inserts, and braces or canes.


Medications help reduce joint pain and arthritis disease progression.


Joint injections can lubricate your joints, reduce inflammation, enhance healing, and alleviate arthritis pain.

Physical therapy

When you have arthritis, physical therapy stretches and exercises help improve strength and range of motion, as well as reduce pain.


Surgery can remove, repair, or replace damaged joint tissues. Your Daily Apple Clinic provider can refer you to a specialist if you’re a candidate for joint surgery.

Don’t live with joint pain when arthritis care can reduce unpleasant symptoms and give you a better quality of life. Call the office to schedule an appointment or book one online today.